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Onion Website Hosting

Onion VPS Websites just $4.99pm

OneHost Cloud & Security is currently offering reliable and secure onion hosting and Kali Linux VPS Hosting. Our current clearnet website ( ) offers Kali Linux VPS Hosting already and now we have moved into the onion hidden site field.

OneHost Cloud is a passionate supporter of privacy and anonymity and these are the main reasons we have established these unique services for our current and future customers that require the need for additional privacy and security

We have built and maintain secure and customized Tor Hidden Site templates to provide fast and secure hidden website VPS sites for you static website. If you require PHP and MySQL we also can provide these on request however for security sake we advise against having such on your Tor website.

If you have the experience and expertise to manage and build your own Tor hidden site you can also purchase a VPS and configure a hidden site yourself. If we even receive any request for information about a customer on our hosting servers we will notify you immediately so you can take the appropriate measures and we will vigorously defend any warrant or subpoena in the applicable jurisdiction. We do not co-operate with law enforcement of any kind and never will!!

We suggest you make payment via Bitcoin to keep yourself anonymous though we do offer credit cards and Paypal, we wouldn't advise you use these when paying for your hidden site hosting. In addtion, in order to signup you will have to browse to our clearnet site where you will need to register ( under and psydonym ) and make your Bitcoin payment. Please use Tor and/or a VPN when doing this.

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